Log Horizon and We NEED Typesetters

A word of caution: Your life will be reduced by half if you wait for our Log Horizon. sm2345 has yet to even TL episode 03. So don’t be silly and not be as deluded as him in thinking he can finish this project.

Hey there, everyone. This is gonna be a bit long so please bear with us.

I’ve been staring at the screen for the past 10 minutes now, wondering where to start.

You see, Log Horizon episode 13 aired yesterday. That means we’re halfway through the series. However, we’re still only at episode 2. Why is that so? At first, it was because of my RL. However, right now the main reason is: No available typesetters. I cannot emphasize this enough, guys.

This has been so frustrating that I’ve been contemplating dropping it. However, it looks like people liked our releases enough to archive them. And I don’t want to disappoint you guys. So I am trying to find a way out of all this.

In this context, I would like to emphasize that we need a typesetter for this project, and hence are recruiting a typesetter for it. No prior experience is needed. I repeat, no prior experience is needed. In my opinion, all you need is some aesthetic sense and diligence. If you feel you have them, please contact us via email at oyatsufs@gmail.com or if you prefer IRC, PM sm2345 on Rizon.

There is another reason for doing this. We would like to move on to Blurays directly for Log Horizon. There are several reasons for this:

  • We’re already 11 episodes behind and catching up is very hard at this point (and I have a hard time trying, knowing there ain’t any Typesetters who can help).
  • The TV airing for the series is not as good, and while CR’s video is apparently better, I won’t use it in any of our releases. Compared to both of these, BD would be much better.
  • First volume of the BDs comes out in end-January, and with your goodwill, we might be able to get someone willing to help by then.

As for recruiting Typesetters, I have asked around almost everywhere I can think of, without any success. So I can only turn to you guys for help.

And it’s really not possible for me to take on so many responsibilities on a project, and Typesetting is not my cup of tea, seriously.

So yeah, TL;DR Version:

  1. We desperately need a Typesetter for Log Horizon. Please apply, join our family and help us out.
  2. We would be moving on to Blurays for the show.

Look, this is my first project as a TL, and I really don’t want to drop this. But I cannot do this alone too. Please end this stalemate situation for us. Thank you for understanding. I await to hear from you.

UPDATE Dec 29, 1800 UTC : A typesetter has agreed to join us! So us doing the BDs is confirmed now. However, we could always use additional help, so please consider applying. Thank you.

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20 Responses to Log Horizon and We NEED Typesetters

  1. Zurenriri says:

    I used to do fansub typesetting a few years back but I’m simply not brave enough to take on this show. The amount of signs is absurd.

    You will work with other typesetters.

  2. Sorgiva says:

    Damn, as much as I would like to help, I don’t know Japanese. I imagine that would be quite the hinderance, yeah? Good luck though, can’t wait for your eventual release.

    You don’t need to know Japanese to become a typesetter.

  3. Jeff says:

    I would love to join as a typesetter but then, having no experience and the only time I use aegisub only for re-timing + re-styling makes me wonder how much stuff I need to do for typesetting..

    Why would you want to join a group that does nothing? Most importantly, it has a founder (sm2345) that is living in fantasy land. You will die early, so take it from me as a fellow staff in the group. Don’t.

  4. Yuu says:

    I really hope for FLAC audio for Log Horizon 1080p BDs.

    Hope and Oyatsu (sm2345) are not synonymous with one another. They are mortal enemies.

  5. DecimoLord says:

    Can’t wait for the rest of Log Horizon!

    I probably shouldn’t write this, but you shouldn’t wait for us and just go with Commie. I can vouch that this project will not get anywhere because sm2345 has yet to even TL episode 3.

    • Bear says:

      Go with HorribleSubs if anything. Commie’s subs have nice typesetting, but that’s about it. Their translations are so off even a baby would cry.
      They change the correct CR translations to their own wrong ones for no apparent reason.

      I was hoping that Oyatsu would finish all the episodes, so I could save their release on my HDD forever. They are definetly the best choice. Just too bad they’re not getting the support they need πŸ™

      I wouldn’t mind doing the typesetting if it only took around an hour or two, but apparently it takes even longer than that, so I’m afraid I won’t be signing up for it. Then again, I have no experience with it at all, so I suppose it’s for the best haha.

  6. techguru says:

    I could probably do it……tho im only an average ts’er…(not a noob..but not “thaeagle”)
    give me shout
    gogeta on googles mail service..keep in mind tho I would probably be doing only 1 script every 2-3 days…I have my own shows im working on as well

    Seriously, don’t join Oyatsu. sm2345 does nothing but play VNs with imoutos all the time. He’s a creep.

  7. techguru says:

    if you have 1 guy…we could share an episode….curious tho…why didn’t u just use commies ts as a base and then just get someone to improve it

    Our founder (sm2345) has really weird principles regarding fansubbing. If he doesn’t use CR scripts, what makes you think he would use Commie’s TS as base?

    • Yuu says:

      It’s great that they didn’t, anything by commie sucks so would be better doing it from scratch anyways.

      Commie is consistent. I recommend going with their release. At least you don’t have to wait until 2016.

      • Govna says:

        Haha yeah trichinas has no idea how to typeset.

        The definition of miracle in the Oyatsu Dictionary: The event where sm2345 starts TLing episode 3 of Log Horizon and stops believing he can TS every single sign of LH when he hasn’t even TLed episode 3 yet.

      • Anon says:

        To the person who edited this comment: actually, the whole problem with Commie is that they aren’t consistent. They’ve been known to put out good releases here and there, but are also capable of some truly awful releases too. I wouldn’t pick up a Commie release without doing some research first. I’ve got nothing against them and have used them for probably a dozen shows, but for some shows, Log Horizon included, their script just isn’t worth watching.

  8. techguru says:

    actually generally commies ts is pretty good…its there bitch ass shit localization that people fucking hate….but the ts’ing is pretty good…its definatly worth using as a base anyway

    I agree. sm2345 is a student who has yet to enter the workforce. He has childish concepts and weird fetishes. He also has the habit for making empty promises and lives in his little fantasy land.

  9. sm2345 says:

    1. No, we don’t “use” other group’s Typesetting because we see it as stealing.

    2. Fine.

  10. CMG says:

    What’s up with the team member that added the answers? Why are they so butthurt?

  11. techgu says:

    all sm2345 has to do is sit down for a couple days..making sure to take a break every few hours …and he could have it done in a week and a bit…..translate the dialoge first…then do the signs….since the signs are gonna be pretty much exactly the same for any release….get the commies scripts…and do a quick overview of what they tl’ed the sign as…if theres any mistakes….fix them….then just copy and paste over to yours…….then you can get me or someone else to fix/adjust the tsing if its maybe to simple

  12. XPandaKunX says:

    So is the site dead?

  13. Marek says:

    You’d be surprised by my ability to wait. πŸ˜›

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