Log Horizon – 02



[Oyatsu] Log Horizon - 02 (1280x720 10bit h264 AAC) [C9B03F53].mkv_snapshot_16.41_[2013.12.16_14.42.50]

[Oyatsu] Log Horizon – 02 (1280×720 10bit h264 AAC) [C9B03F53].mkv

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sm2345 went for a vacationย in Dubai. He chose the screenshot.

As forย the episode itself, I have no idea what happened because I TLCed this more than 2 months ago.

In any case, Log Horizon is a really popular show. I don’t have to sell it and people are already watching it. Rather, I would like to take this opportunity to recommend you people to watch White Album 2.

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11 Responses to Log Horizon – 02

  1. Marek says:

    No v0 this time? What about v1 for episode 1?

    • zeroyuki says:

      sm2345 should be able to provide some clarifications to this.

      As far as I know, the original typesetters who were working on this bailed out. So the project continues without them. That explains no more v0s.

      • sm2345 says:

        Hey, it’s been a while. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Well yeah, this would be my first project as a TL, and for now I am trying to ensure minimal loss of detail in the subs. I know it goes against the rule that subs should be readable within the time they are displayed, but right now I feel that details matter…

        However, I am puzzled about the part where you say some lines have missing words… Can you clarify that a bit, please?

        Still, things might change in future. And the editor, Lann, is new too. But he is improving too.

        Hope you enjoyed the release and will continue to do so.

        • Marek says:

          I think you meant this for sandoe41. I was just asking about the v0/v1 business. Will this and the ep1v0 remain the final releases, then, possible batch updates notwithstanding? Would love to finally watch this as well.

          • sm2345 says:

            Oops, yeah. It was for sandoe41, lol. Finding whose comment to reply to is a bit tough on a small Android screen… ^^;;

            Anyway, to answer your question, these 1v0 and 2 are final versions till batch, so you should go ahead and watch them. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Can’t even reply to comments properly. This guy is seriously warped. He’s the person making the impossible even impossible, by TSing every single sign in Log Horizon. You now what’s the worst thing? He hasn’t even TLed episode 3.

  2. LolPass says:

    woo yeah!! it’s here!!! thank you guys ๐Ÿ™‚ and yeah WA2 is great (^v^)b

  3. sandoe41 says:

    Thank you! One thing I’ve noticed (both episodes) is that about 20% of the dialogue lines seem to be either missing one or two words, or have a couple of words too many, along with a rare over-literal TL.

    • Lann094 says:

      Truth be told, I’m still quite new to the editing scene (with this being my first season on the job) so I’m experiencing some growing pains as I refine my writing style, and get used to working with different TLs. I’ll keep an eye out for what you’ve pointed out, and I hope we can bring you some more releases soonish-y!

    • zeroyuki says:

      This is sm2345’s first project as a TL. That’s why the dialogues are overly literal. I’m not sure if he will change his methods of translating.

      • Saeval says:

        I’ve not seen the episodes yet (I’ll do it when the show will be completed ๐Ÿ˜› ), but a good amount of literal fidelity (provided it is not excessive, and I mean REALLY excessive ๐Ÿ˜› ) does not hurt in anime fansubbing. I prefer it this way, at the very least ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. sukanime says:

    Wow…. another release… arigatou gozaimasu…
    still downloading , i will coment back after watch it, i hope new team for this anime is as good as before… ๐Ÿ™‚

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