Log Horizon – 01 [v0]

[Oyatsu] Log Horizon - 01v0 (1280x720 10bit h264 AAC) [B864532F].mkv_snapshot_09.27_[2013.10.27_02.53.52]This guy’s cool and we all know it.

22 days. 7783 lines of Typesetting. God-knows-how-many-hours of Typesetting in 14 days. After all this, we’re proud to present you with our second Fall show – Log Horizon!

I’ve always had my eyes on this anime, so I was very excited when it aired. And please don’t compare this to SAO, they take two different views on things. Personally I prefer this one more though.

Anyway, I hope we can live up to your expectations. This is a v0, meaning the Typesetting isn’t what you can call “awesome”. I feel it’s passable and watchable though. We will try to v1 this if a pro and awesome Typesetter does it for us. For now, this should do. Ah, and if you’re interested in making the typesetting better, please contact sm2345 on IRC. We need you.

As for the rest episodes, they’ll have to wait guys, I’m afraid. I have midterms from the day after tomorrow and I haven’t studied much due to fansubbing. My midterms end this Friday, and I’ll get to catching up as soon as my midterms end. That’s how it is, I’m afraid.

Still, we and I had lots of fun (+ tears + sweat) working on this. Hope you’ll enjoy it too. 🙂

Ah and regards to the script, ours is an original translation. It’s also my first project as a TL, so I’m a bit nervous, hehe.

[Oyatsu] Log Horizon – 01v0 (1280×720 10bit h264 AAC) [B864532F].mkv

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Enjoy the snack~ Comments, feedback, suggestions are always welcome.

PS. Special thanks to the commenters who corrected my mistakes and cheered us on. 🙂 And thanks to the staff for their hard work.

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42 Responses to Log Horizon – 01 [v0]

  1. popmyloli says:

    Happy to see you managed to pull this off. Still asking around to see who is willing to help with your TS issue.

  2. Kai says:

    Thank you’.
    Also, Half-Arve? Wasn’t Shiroe’s race Half-Alv (Aruvu)?

    • Assasin_Cross says:

      I believe sm2345 decided it to Arve..
      A bit more info:

      Arve Rezzle: Mechanized Fairies
      Japanese: アルヴ(Aruvu)・レズル -機械仕掛けの妖精たち-

  3. sukanime says:

    Wow… this is awesome, i hope you gonna do it all the episode until it finished.
    Arigatou gozaimasu. 🙂

    ps: i’am still downloading, i will comment back after watch it.

  4. Trantos says:

    Just finished watching it. Very through and welldone typesetting. Some of the translations seem a bit overly formal in tone but given that I can’t speak Japanese at all and have only [HorribleSubs] and [Commie] to compare.

    Though one thing I am wondering about. In every info source and translation ever I’ve seen it was ‘Novasphere Pioneers’ and ‘The Apocalypse’. You have “Cultivation of the Novasphere’ and ‘The Great Disaster’. Was it simply your way of interpreting what was said/written?

    • Lann094 says:

      Whoah, the apocalypse? That seems kind of dire sounding, considering a bunch of people just got stuck in a video game. I think Cultivation of the Novasphere sounds more like a game expansion, while that other one may be more literal.
      If you’re talking about Akatsuki for the formal lines, she has quite an old and honourable speech pattern, I guess you could call it. We tried to portray that through the choice of translation, to better show her character.

      • Trantos says:

        Oh no, Akatsuki was completely fine (my main gripe with [commie] was that they swapped ‘my lord’ for master which just didn’t work). It was more Naotsugu that seemed a bit wordy now and again.

  5. Sphaela says:

    Log Horizon wikia being worked on, info is taken from the authors webpage/wiki.


    Also, it should be The Apocalypse.

  6. Xikarra says:

    Thank you for the hard work, guys !

  7. Zurenriri says:

    Glad to see you guys are working on this anime… now I don’t have to pass it up! XD

  8. knorssman says:

    i was about to give up waiting but you guys pulled through

    also like the romanji+japanese+translation in the OP and ED

    hopefully we can expect a little faster than 3 weeks for the next one 🙂

  9. anon says:

    Is XY-vs filter supposed to make subtitles blurry? My subtitles are sharp and clear when xy-VS filter is disabled but noticeably blurry when it’s enabled. xy-VS filter renders them perfectly clear at the video’s native resolution but not at higher resolutions (I have a 1920×1080 monitor).

    For reference: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/46725

    If you know how to correct this please do tell.

  10. anon says:

    Thank you anon. That’s exactly what I was looking for. It’s perfect now.

  11. yes35 says:


    I don’t know anything about this but if you guys were to give me some info and a few days I could send a sample to you guys. I have a lot of of free time so I’m sure I can be of help.

    • naoya says:

      Perhaps you should come onto IRC and PM our founder: sm2345 about this, or our head Typesetter: Assasin_Cross. Typesetting is tedious and frustrating, and requires lots of dedication and patience. Not many groups do fanciful typesetting these days.

      • Zurenriri says:

        That’s so unfortunately true.

        I used to work with Yuurisan and Hatsuyuki (and a few others) and I’d love to help but I’m a) really out of date on my typesetting methods and b) rather busy with work.

  12. popmyloli says:

    Contacted like a truck load of groups. Hopefully 1 snags the line to help you with the TS issue.

  13. Trantos says:

    Just wondering what does the QC and TL stand for in your project status?

    • sm2345 says:

      QC = Quality Check. Usually the last phase before release, where we check through the subs and the video to see and try to ensure no errors such as stilted lines, typos, bad overlaps or encode issues make it to the final release.

      TL = Translation. That’s where everything begins, for us anyway. 🙂

  14. shipments says:

    Where is my goddamn Log Horizon?!

  15. YellowFlash says:

    OMG! i just glimpsed through this ep, i understand it may be very delayed and hard to find TS and stuff, but please!! finish this anime! even if it will be like 2-3 months late! I can’t stand commie or horriblesubs on good anime and this anime clearly deserves a better fansub group than those 2! hope its doable!

    p.s it looks great imo even without a “pro typesetter”!

    • sm2345 says:

      Thank you. ^^ We won’t give up. Right now it’s a bit uh, halted due to my semester exams, but should pick up the pace from December. Please keep cheering us on. 🙂

  16. Trantos says:

    Turns out someone hunted down the manga scanlation and it seems the official title of the expansion is “Cultivation of the Noosphere’ based on the 8th page showing on Shiroe’s computer screen. Also it doesn’t seem to be a translation but how it was written in the original manga from what I can tell.

    Funny thing is that noosphere isn’t word salad but something that denotes the “sphere of human thought” as defined in its wiki entry. Makes you take a second look at whats happening in story.

    • sm2345 says:

      I think they’re referring to “Nou”(脳) as in “Brain”… So “Cultivation of the Brain-sphere”… yeah, that’s indeed something very interesting. O_O Thanks for pointing it out. 🙂 We’ll check out the manga as well.

      • Trantos says:

        Glad to help and the full definition of the concept is on Wikipedia. Though brain-shpere makes sense as the original term is based off the Greek (nous “mind”) and (sphaira “sphere”).

  17. H_B says:

    Thank you for doing LH. Just wondering, when do you plan to do v1 (shouldn’t this release be called v1 instead, though? i always thought release is tagged as v0 when video source is bad)?

    • H_B says:

      (Ahh, then again, it’s as with software. If the product is released with known bugs then it’s alpha/beta (most of the time). Don’t mind the question in paranthesis, please.)

      • sm2345 says:

        I felt the Typesetting was not as good since it was not done by a dedicated Typesetter, so I labeled it v0. Though v1 might’ve been better…

        • H_B says:

          This makes me wish some groups had such “not dedicated” typesetters. Anyway, the wait’s totally worth it, so thank you and keep up a good work.

  18. Patsuan says:

    So, it’s the 10th already, any news on progress for the 2nd ep and forward? Been waiting for your releases since the beginning of the season and judging by some of the screenshots I’m getting really anxious to watch log horizon.

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