It was nice while it lasted….

Hello people,

It seems that some other group has decided to pick this up. I am not a person that likes to waste work. As frustrated as I am about how this other group waited for us to release it before they release their own, I am going to take it positively from the point of view of the fans, which is that it got the attention that it deserved.

I guess this has been the story of my fansubbing career. I try to do things to benefit the community, but it always backfires and I get nothing in the end. But I know that what I do is for the good of the community, and I don’t expect anything in return.

I have asked sm2345 to approach this OuttaNowhere group for a joint, but I am unsure if he has done that yet. But for me, it is pretty clear cut, if there is someone else doing it, I am not going to waste my effort doing it. I have better things to do. Some of you might not agree, but I have been doing this unsung job for so many years, so please take my word for it when I mean that it is not worthwhile wasting work. Furthermore, circumstances have also changed compared to a few years ago. Unlike before, I am holding down a full-time job which meant that I had to stay up late over the weekends just to work on episodes 1 and 2. The weekend is the only time I could catch up on some sleep, but I chose to use it to work on this show. This is to show just how much effort I am putting into this. But I also know that fans are pragmatic people just like how the world is. They would just flock to the fastest release and be content with that. As we all know, Oyatsu is painstakingly slow, so I am unwilling to invest so much and get almost nothing in return. Please forgive me for that. In any case, I am happy that the series is getting the attention it deserves.

So long folks!

PS: Sorry sm2345 for bailing out on the team yet again and posting this without your consent. If only you agreed to put out a minimal effort release so that we could be faster, but that was wishful thinking from me anyway. Hopefully you get to continue with this other group. Otherwise, you could just stall it like your other projects. XD

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7 Responses to It was nice while it lasted….

  1. Zabi says:

    Their sub of episode 2 felt more like a speedsub. You shall be missed.

  2. Acerola says:

    It’s shame but understandable. I still remember watching mashiro iro symphony through your subs.

    Good luck on your / yall’s future endeavors.

  3. Zapiboss says:

    I’m very sorry to learn that you’ll be stopping subbing Robomasters.

    I compared the two translations, and yours are far better than his.
    In the Oyatsu release, there are grammar mistakes and some translation errors (litteral).
    Yours is very good, you have editions and op & ed effects.

    I also know that feeling when fans go to the fatest release instead of waiting for the proper ones. Fastsub is a plague.

  4. Zapiboss says:

    You should continue to sub this series.
    Only you can do it and not them. They’re even slower because no proper TL on their side…

  5. Joshua10red says:

    You should continue to sub this series…PLEASE!!! only you can do this properly …

  6. glace says:

    Is anyone still subbing this cuz I’ve only found up to Ep 2. This is the only series I like this season, so I really hope it can continue to be subbed. Really appreciate your work.

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