Glasslip – 13 [END]

13 [585BEEFD]_001_28528 13 [585BEEFD]_001_2999 13 [585BEEFD]_001_2970 13 [585BEEFD]_001_4898

I wanted a group pic but there was none so multiple pics

12 [0158ABC0].mkv_snapshot_23.25_[2015.04.05_03.55.11]

Had to take it from another episode but good enough!

13 [585BEEFD]_001_7094Have some Hina-chan crash as well~

 [Otaku] Glasslip – 13 END (1280×720 10bit h264 AAC) [72D63733].mkv

Torrent || XDCC

It’s done!!!

Okay, uh, first of all, a huge apology to all the staff who worked on this, especially our Evetaku counterparts, for taking so long with this. Same for all the fans too. I have no excuse for this.

And a huge thanks to all the staff who worked on it.

With this episode, they come to a hypothesis on what the fragments of the future may (or may not) be, and the pairs come together at last, with all the characters being developed. My most favorite is still Hina-chan, though.

As I keep on saying, this series has more than meets the eye, so if someone can provide some explanation on that matter, please do present it. Maybe I’ll get it some years down the line. No idea.

And credits roll:

Translation: cykia

Timing/K-timing: sm2345

Edit: Ioryogi

 TLC:  Fukuragi

Typesetting/KFX/Styling: Timescar(01-10), twinkle-, cykia

Encode: Majin3

 QC: twinkle-, sm2345, Zehro

Huge thanks to Evetaku for taking up the joint offer, specifically cykia and twinkle- for being a sport and agreeing to help out us, who were short on TLs (still are) and for being hella patient and being a sport.

Many of us have retired, but this will also close one of the chapters. Thanks a lot guys! Couldn’t have done it without y’all!

With this, the curtains come down on a great show that’s underappreciated

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9 Responses to Glasslip – 13 [END]

  1. Chhotu_uttam says:


  2. A. Crush says:

    Apology accepted.

    Nice job getting it out before all the shows all the other groups are STILL behind on.

  3. Anonymous says:

    About time, took you guys how long…………………………………….

  4. GeassGx says:

    Fastest release to date

  5. anonymouse says:

    It’s this some kind of Easter miracle? Thanks a bunch for finishing the show. For all the shit-talk I enjoyed it quite a lot. Now to rewatch episodes 10 and 11 to remind myself of details before watching last two episodes.

  6. anonymaus says:

    Congrats on finishing it 😀

  7. pluki7 says:

    My wait is finally over! Thank you for seeing this into completion.

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