Glasslip – 10

10 [EA2C933C]_001_24310Dat scenery.

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Have you EVER seen this guy make this face before?
10 [EA2C933C]_001_18675If you come back home to see this kind of face, you are fortunate.

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Okay, so things are getting delayed since no Typesetters available. Thanks to twinkle- keeping things moving, we’re still alive. Kudos, bro… ;_;

So, in this post, I wanted to rant a bit about the good points of Glasslip. Why? Since if I don’t say so, many people might not realize. But then again, this will be about why I think Glasslip is a good show, so your opinions might be different.

First thing to clarify is, Glasslip is NOT Nagi no asukara. And it’s a good thing. I really dislike it when people compare someone’s latest work with their last hit work and expect it to be equally good every time. No, please stop comparing and see this series in its own, rather than “comparing” with other series. You’ll only feel more negative if you keep doing so.

The second good thing about Glasslip is involvement of family. For some reason, parents are never given this much screentime in anime (the only exception I can think off the top of my head is Narue no sekai. It’s an awesome anime by the way, so you should consider watching it). But here? Almost every single character’s parents and their family get screentime. It’s one of the central themes of this series. So it’s a rare gem indeed.

The third good thing about Glasslip is subtlety. Yes, there are quite a few things that are not as apparent at first glance. Spoilers from this episode follow.

a) The meaning of the text messages Yanagi sent is explained in this episode. Those are the little things that she noticed during her daily running. And why are they special? Because they are one of the things that tie Yukinari and Yanagi together. It is one of the memories the two share. So, in this anime, even the “futon hung up to dry on the Hinode bridge” is important. Also, confessing to Touko and getting rejected by her helped clear Yukinari’s vision too, so he was actually able to realize what is precious to him. In my opinion, the studio does a nice job in developing the characters.

b) Another thing to notice is how Sachi’s demeanour subtly changes in this episode. Have you seen her smiling before much? She actually smiles quite a lot, and is shown.

The fourth good thing is character development. It’s really nice to see how the 5 people’s characters develop throughout the series. For Sachi, see point (b) above. For Yanagi and Yukinari, point (a). For Touko? She can actually handle a chu now. Haha. And Kakeru? He’s still stony as ever, but he now has feelings, and a wish to find a place to be.

The fifth good thing is awesome backgrounds. These need no mention.

Now the things you might raise as objections.

1. What’s the “visions” thing all about then?

True, this hasn’t been much touched on, or loopy answers given so far. Hopefully an answer to that is there in episode 12.

2. This show is still crap.

Your opinion, sure. Is it the best show of 2014? Don’t think so. All time? No. But it should get the credit it deserves, in my opinion. Hence this long rant.

Anyway, on a lighter note, and if you’re still reading, some funny comments we’ve left in the script:


That’s all. Hope you can see some things you might not have seen before. 🙂

Enjoy the snack~

PS. We’re doing Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete and Grisaia no Kajitsu next season. Follow us if you wish so.

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8 Responses to Glasslip – 10

  1. Tanoshii says:

    Why are you even announcing that you will be doing 2 new shows when you haven’t even finished Dragonar from last season and you are so damn farm behind on Glasslip this season? You can barely handle whatever it is you are trying to do now.

    Setting up people for disappointment at this point.

  2. Chizuru says:

    Hello, anything new on Seikoku’s last episode? Any date or details about it’s current situation? I’m fansubbing it into german since a while now, but can’t finish it as long as you haven’t released the last episode. I don’t want to make any pressure or sound mean or anything. I just want to ask how it’s status is =3 And if you could name a date when it could possibly get released. Just don’t want you to drop it at the last episode T_T

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • sm2345 says:

      Sorry, our editor and TLC have been busy and I had lost motivation a bit, but TL and timing is done, all it needs is TLC, Edit, QC and TS.

      We’ll try to get it out ASAP. Sorry about the trouble. >_>

      Either ways, it’s not dropped.

      However, I’ll refrain from giving an ETA since they never seem to match. However, I shall be poking things to ensure it gets out ASAP.


  3. Chizuru says:

    Thank you for answering so fast 🙂
    I appreciate your work and it makes me very happy, that you won’t drop Seikoku and continue ASAP. Take your time, but it should come out this month, “if possible”. I know you can’t make promises about this, but try your best 😉

    Thanks in advance and for your work! 🙂

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