Glasslip – 08

08 [CE688E83]_001_11143

Bringing you your weekly Hina-chan~08 [CE688E83]_001_5841 08 [CE688E83]_001_25934And awesome sceneries.

[Otaku] Glasslip – 08 (1280×720 10bit h264 AAC) [9BC086F2].mkv

Torrent || XDCC

Sorry about the delay, guys. Busy schedules and little free time for everything for me made this delayed. ;_;

Joint with our friends at EveTaku.

Anyway, Yukinari decides to not stop looking cool, and Hiro goes on a journey. And things get mysterious and a tad scarier.

Enjoy the snack~

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8 Responses to Glasslip – 08

  1. LeMouth says:

    Thanks~ ^^

  2. Cloned_Searos says:

    A good alternative site to upload your work is -> tracker.anime-index . org

    • ZeroYuki says:

      We used to adopt Anime-Index as one of our trackers, but to reach out to more people, we switched to Nyaa, and Nyaa does not allow Anime-Index as one of the trackers due to its ambition to take over the anime world.

      Having said that, minglong is one of the most stable trackers and has a very long history. If you have not heard of minglong, you are probably the later crop of fans. Nipponsei has been here for eons, and minglong is hosted by one of the founders.

  3. Cloned_Searos says:

    We are fully aware of minglong. Yet the case is. To keep your group thriving you need to have a social gathering. Not many users choose to bounce from site location to site location. Yet a solid stable place. That which is what Anime-Index does.

    I personally do not know how you go about setting up your torrents. Yet we use 3 trackers when distributing our material. 1 being the main site tracker. The other 2 being the openbitorrent tracker and publicbt tracker. If you have all 3 trackers set in your torrent. Sharing the seed is easy if you just swap that 1 group/site tracker and then change it with the other that other group/site tracker. Then generate a new torrent. The files will instantly pick up the seed being it will read it as the same file and because those 2 other individual trackers are also placed into the newly generated torrent. The process takes no more then 15 to 30 seconds to do with a sum total of 8 or so clicks of a mouse.

    Being you have good releases. You should still try to share them on that network so more people can view your content.

    • sm2345 says:

      Yup, we’re aware of it. For trackers, we use minglong only, but yeah, including OpenBT and PublicBT could be an option, I guess. It’s just we never needed to consider anything else.

      Thanks much for your concern and compliment, and you keep up the great work too! 🙂

    • ZeroYuki says:

      The onus is on the fans to source for their own materials. We can’t expect to spoon feed every single person out there. Anime-Index is practically unheard of, and if you are arguing about reaching out to a large social network, Anime-Index’s reach is as bad as minglong.

      A-I is started by Doki, and I personally do not agree with their overly commercial ambitions. While they are not as bad in this respect as Nyaa, the fact is Nyaa is pretty much the de facto site fans go to, and thus we are using Nyaa as there isn’t really a choice.

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