Glasslip – 04

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04 [5B04A1DC]_001_2875004 [5B04A1DC]_001_28021 04 [5B04A1DC]_001_17420And have some awesome sceneries and backgrounds; betcha many of you overlook this aspect~

[Otaku] Glasslip – 04 (1280×720 10bit h264 AAC) [208AAF56].mkv

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Hey guys, we present you Glasslip 04! It’s a joint with our friends at EveTaku.

One thing that’s noticeable in this episode are the great backgrounds and stuff. PA Works is well-known for it, and I really liked how they did here. And what better thing to draw than the sky right after the rain? If you ever see “ameagari no aozora” (雨上がりの青空, the blue sky after the rain), these would be very close, if not that itself. It’s one of the favourite skies I see.

Now, a small note from our TLC Fukuragi on why Yanagi’s name is written in Hiragana:

“Yanagi usually means ‘willow tree’. However, there’s a cultural connection between willow trees and ghosts (or death in general), and the tree is usually written in Kanji, and so it makes more sense to make a deliberate disconnect when using it in names through the use of hiragana, and hence やなぎ, not 柳.”

That’s why she mentions the word “ghost” when chatting with Kakeru at 18:25.

Hope you liked the blurb and the episode (and the return of the chickens)!

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