Ginga e Kickoff!! Summer Special and Ep 17 Update

Yo, everyone. This post is mainly to update you about the latest two episodes of Ginga, one being the Summer Vacation Special, and the other being episode 17, which has already aired.

So, going by the broadcast order:

First of all, the Ginga e Kickoff!! Summer Vacation Special. I haven’t taken a full look at it yet, but apparently it is a special recap-kinda episoode for the events happened so far, as well as maybe some extra character descriptions and stuff.

  • This special has been encoding, but translation and the rest are pending. This is because Ladholyman, the translator is busy with med school. However, he’s been working on it little by little, so no worries. 
  • However, this special has some intense typesetting, maybe more than the previous episodes. So even after translation is done, Typesetting will take some time.
  • For the encode, since it has animated and non-animated parts, the filesize is large (~600 MB) AND is VFR (Variable Frame Rate). This is because VFR is the only way to encode it properly. Please don’t complain if it doesn’t play on your PS3 or whatever. We’re letting you know in advance. 🙂
  • This will take some time to release due to lots of work as mentioned above. Nevertheless, work on it is in progress, rest assured.

Now, as for Episode 17:

  • Seems like neither of us were aware of it airing and had got the dates mixed up, so work on it started only today. Sorry about that.
  • Translation is expected to be finished by Tuesday, so we might lag behind one episode… again. Please bear with us.

Anyway, that concludes the News corner. Thank you all for reading~

UPDATE 12th Sep: RL has been very busy for me, and hence this stupid delay… Sorry guys, I’ll try to release it ASAP. Both 17 & 18 are done everything except QCing. QC for 17 is halfway done.

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12 Responses to Ginga e Kickoff!! Summer Special and Ep 17 Update

  1. AGENT says:

    Thanks for the notice and all the hard works.. We’ll be waiting patiently so just take your time and make the release the best of it..

  2. Sapphire07 says:

    Thank you for taking the time to tell us…will wait patiently.

  3. Daisukiyaki says:

    Ganbatte and otsukaresama! I’m waiting patiently and always appreciate your good work.

  4. Gino says:

    Really appreciate the update.
    I’ll wait.

  5. as says:

    You are the best but not fast.

  6. arilee says:

    We love this anime and are so grateful for your hard work. Ganbatte! We will wait patiently!

  7. Daisukiyaki says:

    Just wondering whether you have an update on ep17…. not to be pushy or anything. Thanks!

  8. rude says:

    Thanks for the update. Was just asking about this on Doremi’s latest release about this anime.
    Been wondering what was going on with the series.

  9. Daisukiyaki says:

    Thanks for the update yesterday, as well as your diligent work. Oh, and ep19 raw is up now if you don’t know yet.

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