Ginga e Kickoff!! – 29 & 30

[Doremi-Oyatsu] Ginga e Kickoff!! - 30 (1280x720 8bit h264 AAC) [35770916].mkv_snapshot_15.53_[2012.12.26_23.22.11]Guess who’s Ryuuji imitating.

Thanks a lot for waiting, everyone. After overcoming lots of issues, here are Ginga 29 and 30.

From 31 begins the awesome Amarillo match. But 32 is a big cliffhanger. ;_;

Many thanks to Timescar for doing ep 29 and Assasin_Cross for doing ep 30 in a single day. They really saved us here. 🙂

Please keep in mind that the intense typesetting may lag for some of you. Please install xy-VSFilter if you experience lag issues.

We’re working on 31 and 32  right now. However, 31 has quite some difficult typesetting. But please bear with us for a bit longer. We’ll try to get the rest out before ep 33 airs on the 8th Jan.

Also, black_demon is busy with exams, but will be back soon.

And finally, please look forward to our Da Capo III releases next season. 🙂 I think I’ll make a post on it later, or modify the plans post.

[Doremi-Oyatsu] Ginga e Kickoff!! – 29 (1280×720 8bit h264 AAC) [9E973C73].mkv

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[Doremi-Oyatsu] Ginga e Kickoff!! – 30 (1280×720 8bit h264 AAC) [35770916].mkv

Torrent || DDL || XDCC

13th Jan, 0900 UTC: Sorry for the delay, everyone. Thing is, black_demon is back and has been working on 29 31 full speed. So rlses in a day or two more. Please hold on a bit longer.

13th Jan, 1900 UTC: All Typesetting done at last! Now I’ll be QCing and releasing them all ASAP. Almost there!

18th Jan, 1600 UTC: Triple release on Sunday.

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31 Responses to Ginga e Kickoff!! – 29 & 30

  1. daniel says:

    Thanks very much, guys.

  2. Guffaw says:

    Weee. Cheers!

  3. sKArYNupe says:

    Thank You!

  4. lolman says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ah, happy holidays 🙂

  5. Akira says:

    Thank you so much for the double release guys!
    We really appreciate your hard work!

  6. Ell says:

    Thanks You guys! I apreciate your efforts to give us this series, good luck, and Happy new Year!!! o//

  7. AnimeonPSP says:

    Yea – 2 more Christmas presents!
    You are the best. Have a great New Year!

  8. DarkMachine says:

    Hey guys! Thanks for getting these eps to us! It’s great that you all worked so hard especially at this time! Thanks so much!

    Just a really small thing. In episode 29 Ryuuji asks Reika to play a new position, in the subs you translated it straight from the Katakana Japanese to ‘Ribero’. However the actual name for this position/role is ‘Libero’ or the ‘Sweeper’. you can find more info about it here:

    Even though it says it’s not used in modern football much this is actually changing (as is everything). With many teams only playing a single striker, many others are playing 3 centre-backs with one of them ‘stepping out’ into midfield acting as a Libero. This also happens in regular 4-4-2 formations when against a single opposing striker. Daniel Agger of Liverpool or Gerard Pique (when playing with Carlos Puyol) illustrate this new type of Libero centre back perfectly. Also referred to sometimes as ‘the ball playing centre back’.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys. If I see anything else I’ll put it here.

    • Ladholyman says:

      Thanks for the interesting comment. I couldn’t remember the English term off the top of my head when I was translating ep 29, but in future episodes we’ll refer to the Ribero as the “sweeper.”

      A centerback rushing out to the midfield sounds a lot like my disastrous attempts at it in FIFA 13, but I’m sure Shou is much better than me in real soccer.

  9. ed says:

    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

  10. Darji says:

    I am really thankful for subbing this series because no other group seems to care about this series. But damnit you guys have a great timing for having cliffhangers. No I cant wait for 31 and probably 32 to see this match XD

  11. Stöt says:

    Great episodes! That moment with Ken-chan speech to Haneshima was almost a tear-jerker. Brilliant stuff as always Ginga! Thank you sm, Assasin_cross, Timescar and Doremi-Oyatsu!

  12. Steven says:

    Looks like 33 Raw is out today as you guys mentioned. Any word on how far 31 and 32 are? Greatly appreciate the work you guys are doing, thanks!

    • sm2345 says:

      Typesetter will be done with 31 by today. After that QC and hopefully double release in another day or two.

      Sorry for not updating the post. >_<

  13. Steven says:

    I think there is a typo with the update. Says you guys are working on 29 but I assume you meant 31

  14. Rui Craveiro says:

    I was watching the project status of “Ginga” and you have ep. 34 among the episodes. However, if I’m not mistaken, though, and according to the official website, the 34th episode will only be aired next week… (confused)

    • Rui Craveiro says:

      …what was transmitted today, according to the same source, was the 2nd (out of two transmitted) special of the series – not the actual 34th episode. Unless they credited it on transmission as the 34th episode, making 40 the total number of episodes, not 39 (confused)

      • sm2345 says:

        You’re right. This week’s episode is a special of some sort. Ep 34 airs next week.

        And 31-33 needs just some QC. But the weekdays are so hectic… Please hold on a bit longer.

  15. Someone says:

    Its already the 15th of january but still there aren’t subs. When are they coming???????????????? plz i want to see them!!!

  16. leomac says:

    Hey whats up with ginga? The status seems to be stuck like forever. When can we expect the subs?

  17. sKArYnupe says:

    Triple release Sunday sounds awesome! Thanks for the continued work on the subs.

  18. KingofDarkness says:

    Wow thank you guys plz keep up the good work 🙂

  19. Zero Wing says:

    This season Ginga takes the Gold metal.

    These ones are oldies but goodies: Had time to find them..
    Giant killing
    Akakichi no Eleven
    knight in the area
    Inazuma Eleven

    <— All your base ____________________
    (yeah you know it.)

    • Steven says:

      Is there a next season?

      • sm2345 says:

        None announced yet, as far as I know.

        • Steven says:

          Is he saying 34 was the last ep of this season?

          • solitaire says:

            Coming episodes All episodes
            Ginga e Kickoff!! Ep: 34 at 19:00 on NHK-BS Premium – 22-01-2013
            Ginga e Kickoff!! Ep: 35 at 19:00 on NHK-BS Premium – 29-01-2013
            Ginga e Kickoff!! Ep: 36 at 19:00 on NHK-BS Premium – 05-02-2013
            Ginga e Kickoff!! Ep: 37 at 19:00 on NHK-BS Premium – 12-02-2013
            Ginga e Kickoff!! Ep: 38 at 19:00 on NHK-BS Premium – 19-02-2013
            Ginga e Kickoff!! Ep: 39 at 19:00 on NHK-BS Premium – 26-02-2013

  20. pepperoni says:

    Cool! I thought the anime might of been dropped so close to the end.

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