Ginga e Kickoff!! – 23

Thanks for waiting, everyone.Here’s Ginga 23.

Being a coach is not an easy thing.

In other news, due to my upcoming exams, Maceart and Crust will be taking over till first week of December as QC and Timer respectively. So that should mean more punctual releases. 😛 Many thanks to them for being able to do so. 🙂

Anyway, enjoy the snack.

[Doremi-Oyatsu] Ginga e Kickoff!! – 23 (1280×720 8bit h264 AAC) [C16828C2].mkv

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6 Responses to Ginga e Kickoff!! – 23

  1. Xecel says:

    Thanks a lot for the speedy release guys!
    And best of luck in your exams.

  2. mei says:

    Thank you for the release. I truly appreciate the effort you guys put into subbing this series. (:

  3. Stöt says:

    Awesome! Thanks a ton!

  4. hi says:

    thx for the fast release

  5. Play says:

    Hey guys, REIKA (whatever group that is) released a special episode (‘Special 1’) of the show last week. Do you plan on doing this as well?

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