Ginga 28 Status and News

Hey everyone, you must be all wondering where Ginga 28+ went.


First of all, 28 is at Typesetting right now. Our typesetter, black_demon, has suddenly been loaded with uni assignments. He will be doing it ASAP though, and then we can QC and Release it. Sorry about that.


Now for another piece of news. Thing is, we have lost our source for transport streams due to unforeseen reasons, and now all we can do is stare at Share/PD for a Ginga e Kickoff ts. If any kind soul can help us out on this Ginga ts matter, please contact sm2345 over Rizon irc.


That concludes the news corner. See you soon with more releases.


24th Nov, 1430 UTC: TSer has returned after winning his battle of assignments, and will finish TS by tomorrow evening UTC.

And no ts for 29 yet. Not a single share raw either. Wow.


25th Nov, 0700 UTC:Ginga 28 is muxing right now.

And good news. We’ve found someone  to cover the tses from 30, but still need a transport stream for 29. Can anyone help us out?


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6 Responses to Ginga 28 Status and News

  1. ohreal says:

    sm2345 returns and everything goes to the sh*ts again, sigh dude it was going so well….., lol i kid i kid, just a joke. wish i could help but if someone else can pls do. if its money just post and we can combine our resources

  2. Stöt says:

    Great, Ginga tomorrow!

    on #29 though.. will you be able to perhaps release soft subs instead? I mean you can grab the streaming video (FLV) over here:
    and then just release a .srt file and wait for a good raw release?

  3. Stöt says:

    Muxing for a whole day? I guess there’s some kind of hold up, eh. I’ll be back tomorrow

  4. ohreal says:

    hey i dont knw much abt what you guys have to do but maybe you could explain this whole transport steam thing so that we could all know if we can help or not

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