10 Responses to Ginga 19-22 Release Date

  1. riley says:


    THANK YOU SO MUCH. Seriously, thanks for putting in all this hard work while you’re at school. We appreciate it. Can’t wait for the release!

  2. ohreal says:

    hmmm sunday. well your subbing one of my favourite shows so i will give you the benefit of the doubt but i think il still be stalking till sunday. thank you for all the hard work during your uni break

  3. ohreal says:

    some group called reika released episodes 19 through to 21 but you know what im gonna wait for you guys to finish. after all quality is just as important as loyalty. i kinda hate groups like that, if they wanted to help they should have stalked you guys like me. so yea

  4. Ell says:

    YES!!! THANKS!!! I was waiting for you releases guys XD. I could have watched from Reika, but i like you best, and i don´t want another sub for this series, i don´t like when my colection gets mixedfansub groups, not to mention, your quality is top notch.

    Keep it up!!

    P.s = does anyone know how many episodes are left?

  5. ohreal says:

    its sunday…. so im here but dont mind me im always here

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