Emergency Typesetter Recruitment!

Hey there, everyone. I know we’ve been like dead recently. This post is to update you on stuff, and to request help.

First up, Leviathan. It’s at Typesetting and release. But Assasin_Cross is very busy with RL right now, so it’s not out yet. He hopes to release it sometime mid-August though. Our heartfelt thanks to those who are still waiting. And if you feel like complaining about it, please don’t do it in this post. Do so in the Leviathan 12 post.

Now, for Summer. We have started working on Fantasista Doll, which is like a mix of Cardcaptor Sakura, Doraemon with new stuff. We all took a liking to the show despite its so-called derpiness, so we started work on it. However, our TSer for it is on leave due to RL. And due to all our typesetters being busy right now, the whole project is like, stuck.

So, if you are an Aegisub Typesetter and have some experience and would like to help us out and move the project forward, please contact sm2345 on Rizon IRC, and/or email to oyatsufs@gmail.com stating your experience and some sample work. As things stand now, we’re steadily working on other aspects of the release: you can find the latest status to the right side in the status pane.

We’re waiting for you!

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2 Responses to Emergency Typesetter Recruitment!

  1. Rand0mr00ts says:

    I’m patiently waiting for your last ep release of Leviathan and the batch. (I don’t care about the other groups who is done now on this show)

    Thank you very much for the new show OYATSU! I’m glad that you picked up Fantasista Doll beacause no one else interested on it T_T. I really love it now i will wait for your realeases I wish you can catch up on the latest ep but anyway ik your busy guys but i will wait.. Time to dropped HorribleSubs

    sorry if my english is that bad T_T

    • Lann094 says:

      I’m glad to hear someone is excited for Fantasista Doll. 😀 Hopefully we can find a typesetter soon to start pushing out the episodes we have ready.

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