Da Capo III 06 Slightly Delayed

Hey there, everyone.

This post is to inform everyone that Da Capo III 06 will get slightly delayed due to the following reasons:

  1. I’m coming down with a cold and need some rest to get better. Things get tough when you have a 9-7 schedule on weekdays. I hope you’ll understand.
  2. The typesetter and KFXer, Assasin_Cross, is on holiday. black_demon should be typesetting in his place, so no worries there.
  3. There are 2 new songs, one SHAFT style awesome ED, and a great Rikka insert. They need styling and k-timing. Thankfully, a friend, LeonHo, will be helping out there, so no worries.

So, how much will be the delay? Depending on how things turn out, really. I’ll try to release it by Monday evening / Tuesday morning UTC. No promises, though.

Thank you for your understanding, and thanks for following us. 🙂

13 Feb, 0400 UTC: So I wanted to release this by now, but well, didn’t get much sleep and overslept. Sorry. All that’s left is QC and KFX. Now, since Assasin_Cross is on holiday, we’ve decided to release a v0 without any KFX. We’ll release v1 sometime this weekend, when he comes back. Expect the v0 sometime by Thursday morning UTC. And thanks to those who are waiting. Really appreciate it.

And we’re finished with Da Capo III – 06

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8 Responses to Da Capo III 06 Slightly Delayed

  1. sikvod00 says:

    No worries. I will gladly wait while you recover. Take it easy, mate. =)

  2. Modhesh says:

    Get well. I just want you to know I’m enjoying your subs. 😀

  3. DaCapoLover says:

    get well soon! I’ve been wondering about this for awhile but, is Morizono Rikka the correct spelling or is it Morizono Ricca? other subbers use Ricca for some reason O_O

    • sm2345 says:

      Well, there is a reason we use ‘Rikka’ instead of ‘Ricca’, but I’m afraid I cannot tell you without spoiling some parts of the Visual Novel. 🙂 Her route is quite awesome, by the way.

      And yeah, I’ve been sleeping more and getting better, so no worries there~

      • DaCapoLover says:

        hmm, can you at least tell me which one is the original spelling? xD
        glad your feeling better too!

        • sm2345 says:

          Either should work normally. Nevertheless, going by the syllables, it’s spelt “立夏” (りっか aka Rikka).

          It’s quite a minor detail though. 😛

    • Rikka says:

      Now if her name has a western name, then “Ricca” would be a possibility.
      However, since she has a purely Japanese name (written 立夏), “Rikka” is the only possible and correct spelling for it.
      I have no idea which derpy derp pulled “Ricca” out of his ass.

  4. stgmefly says:

    >tfw you’ll still be faster than commie

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