D.C.III~Da Capo III~ – 11


Here’s the Eps 11.
Flashback episode~
Two English used here; International English and Archaic English. Each English subtitle has two tracks; With KFX and Without KFX. Many thanks to FalseDawn for helping us out with the archaic English part. 🙂

D.C. II Spoilers Inbound, as well as information for those who are going “wtf” while and after watching this:

This episode contains a flashback sequence that references events in Da Capo II. In the beginning of the episode, Sakura reminisces Jun’ichi cutting her hair before she sacrificed herself to control the cherry blossom tree. When she failed, gramps Jun’ichi also did the same.

We also get to see Sakura when she was still an actual loli in Da Capo I, how she got into Jun’ichi’s room in the beginning of the story, and her resentment of Jun’ichi and Nemu’s relationship.


sm’s Addition: The “flashback” in the second part of the episode occurs actually about a few hundred years ago, I think in the 18th or 19th century (forgot which). It’s actually part of Ricca’s backstory. During that time, witch hunts were quite common, indeed. The setting is somewhere in Europe, most likely the United Kingdom, then Great Britain. This would explain our usage of “Ricca” and “Jill” during the flashback, as well as the archaic and British English.

Credit Roll:

Translation: Aaeru (Part A), naoya (Part B)

Timing: sm2345

TLC, Song TLC: Rikka

Editing: DanielBryan

Typesetting: Assasin_Cross

Encoding: Majin3

Dialog styling: Virus123

QC: sm2345

Special Thanks: FalseDawn

[ASF-Oyatsu] D.C.III ~Da Capo III~ – 11 (1280×720 10bit h264 AAC) [619AD6C3].mkv

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