D.C.III ~Da Capo III~ – 01

raw.mkv2_snapshot_20.39_[2013.01.07_19.22.19]Dem poor girls.

Hello there! We, ASF and Oyatsu, are proud to present our second release of the Da Capo III anime, the episode 01! This starts from the Prologue arc of the Visual Novel, and is quite faithful to it so far.

We’ll be faster next week.

Note: Heavy Effect on Karaoke~ Use XY-VSFilter or libass. Or switch to our secondary non Kara FX track if you experience lag issues.

And uh, for the credits, two names deserve special mention: Assasin_Cross and DanielBryan. A_C worked on this for 11 hours, painstakingly TSing everything. He also came up with the idea for the KFX as usual. And DB came back from his sudden weekend trip and edited it w/o resting, doing a great job too. Potla also fixed some derp. Hats off to these ppl and everyone who worked on this~

And the full lineup is:

Translator: Rikka

Timer: sm2345

TLC: Naoya

Editor: DanielBryan

Typesetter: Assasin_Cross

Styling: Virus123

Encoder: Majin3

QCs: Akaiwolf, sm2345.


Also, Aaeru, we wish you good luck, no matter where you are and what you’re doing. Good luck with everything. Please drop us a line through some medium if possible. We’re worried about you. -sm

[ASF-Oyatsu] D.C.III ~Da Capo III~ – 01 (1280×720 10bit h264 AAC) [34BF4FDE].mkv

Torrent || DDL || XDCC

Enjoy the snack~

13th Jan, 1730 UTC: Almost everything is done on DCIII Ep 2, with some last round of QCing left. Please hold on for a few more hours, minna~

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12 Responses to D.C.III ~Da Capo III~ – 01

  1. tandem says:

    Are you guys using CR script?
    Seems like it from the credits, so only karaoke and the theme song is done originally.

    • sm2345 says:

      No? Ours is original translation… And we released 1 hour before CR did.

      Also, updated the post with full lineup.

      (And for the record, we never use CR subs for any show we do.)

      EDIT: This comment was never meant to be derogatory to CR in any way. Apologies for the misunderstanding caused.

      • Friss says:

        >And for the record, we never use CR subs for any show we do.

        In which case I’m out, especially if you’re doing this joint with a relic like ASF. Da Capo III doesn’t have one of the dud translators working on it (not sure they even exist any more), so you’re simply not going to be able to make a script from scratch better than using the CR one as a base. Everything else that HorribleSubs has except from the script will undoubtedly be inferior, but unless a group takes that script and puts it in a better overall package then it will still be the best version to go for.

        As an aside, if you really want to persist in being anti-official subs for some reason (which stopped making sense years ago when the translation quality stopped being nearly as variable), you should stick to series that don’t have any, like Ginga E Kick Off!. Now that’s something I really am grateful for you doing and appreciate your work on all projects like it.

        • tandem says:

          I kind of agree with you. There’s no real reason for original translations now that CR has taken on that role. They are given scripts in advance to work on days before they air officially in Japan. So in terms of translation quality, they are very good these days. The only thing they suck at is probably the editing, but that’s for grammar Nazis. For perfectly ordinary people like me, I don’t mind and would choose them over anyone any day.

          Lastly, you keep bragging on using your own translatotions but you never seem to complete enough projects for these original translations to see the light of the day. What good are these, I would rather go with CR because I know they will never fail to deliver. Pardon me for being so mean, but the odds of you guys finishing Da Capo III on time is as good as the odds of striking lottery, in my opinion.

  2. MrDespair says:

    Thanks for your contributions!

  3. fomite says:

    I looked at the staff involved and I don’t see any old faces from ASF except maybe AkaiWolf.

    Which in a sense makes the tag of ASF not really that valid anymore. This means the main staff involved in Da Capo II & SS are not even around. So you guys are just as fresh as any group out there starting on Da Capo. I guess going with horriblesubs will be better just in case you guys suddenly stall the project for ages.

    • redemption024 says:

      what’s with all the retort?

      Firstly, why would you even want those old faces? no offense, but personally (and logically) it doesn’t really matter who did the show, as long as they put the effort in it AND KNOW what they’re doing(the TL) . and for your personal record, CR’s (and HS; the same fucking thing) doesn’t even bother with ts and kfx (they don’t even have the song lyrics or whatever it’s called in the first place) which is why I and probably other’s (focus on that “I”, i’m just voicing MY crap opinion) go for fansubs. and why these guys are spending HOURS after HOURS making it.

      Well, in the end, everyone have their own brain and their own opinion/remark/shitty-thinking/what-else? and are capable of making their own decision.

      So yeah, kuma’s just mad. kuma love fansub, kuma hates CR, kuma always buys official release(those intl shipping fees are horrible), kuma puts them away, kuma download fansub’s, kuma watch fansub. kuma hates ugly subtitle, kuma loves fancy subs. #hell! i’m bored. *off to continue watching Baccano! Bye 🙂

      fomite: ….” I guess going with horriblesubs will be better just in case you guys suddenly stall the project for ages.”
      p/s: lol and I waited for almost a year now for Milky Holmes. KS-W likes to take their time subbing it. and it’s not even BD. damn

  4. joewono says:

    horibble and ASF-Oyatsu
    I prefer ASF-Oyatsu

    horibblesub’s translate is like hell
    i dont understand some part of their TL

    sorry for my bad english

    thank you for your work, ASF-oyatsu ^^

    I cant wait for eps 2 tonight ^^

  5. Capo di Tutti Capi says:

    Thumbs up to you 🙂

  6. Kenneth says:

    Hey. I’m pretty much a dumb*** when it comes to video encoding and all that business. I’ve been using MADVR following this site’s anime viewing settings with it.


    Your subs for the OP and ED are constantly flashing and disappearing with these settings. How would go about implementing the suggestions you listed in the description.

    BTW, just watched episode 2, Thxs for the subs and keep up the good work!

    • sm2345 says:

      That guide uses MPCHC’s internal subtitle renderer it seems, which is the cause of your problem.

      Uncheck the “Auto load subtitles” in MPCHC, and then install xy-Vsfilter. Google it for the download link to the installer. Then try again, should work properly.

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