Slightly belated Happy 6th Anniversary!

sm2345: Hey guys, it’s been a while! Almost 11 months since our last release, it seems… I hope you’re all doing well.

Well, yesterday, 1st of July, marks the day we turn 6! Time does fly by…

Nevertheless, as you can see, we’re not very active right now. But rest assured, things are moving very quietly and slowly in the background. Honestly, I wanted to do some surprise releases, but real life has been really busy…

Rest assured, we are working on stuff!

Also, I was discussing something with the current active staff, mainly Lann094 and Majin3. It seems that the #1 issue that has been plaguing us for years now are lack of Typesetters. I wonder why.

So we decided to change our policies a bit. For all TV releases (if we do any), we will now use bare-minimum and simple Typesetting. Hopefully that will alleviate the situation somewhat.

On another note, it was indeed a lot of fun on the day we met up.

Nevertheless, thanks for all your support, and hope to see you soon with releases!

Lann094: As for that release image with the weird bubble heads, we actually met up! A few months ago, Majin3 and I decided we wanted to take our second trip to Japan, and figured we may as well travel together, as well as meet up with sm2345 when we were over there. It’s so great to be able to be at a stage in our lives where we can all come from multiple parts of the world to meet and weeb it up in our favourite country. We spent a day together exploring various stores in Akihabara, and then headed to sm’s apartment to actually do some fansubbing work. Shame it takes international travel just to get him motivated to translate stuff these days… It was still a great experience, and I hope we can do it again sometime!

Majin3: Just like on my first Japan trip we met up with sm2345 once again. The only difference was now everyone being an Oyatsu member and there being more weeb-related activities. I wonder if we’d be another 5 minutes further in the Luck & Logic script if we’d went to sm2345’s place to prevent him procrastinating the first time round as well… Anyway, everything important has already been said. It was a fun trip and once some excess money piles up again I’ll be looking forward to repeating something similar. Pictures of the trip can be found on this blog not associated with me at all.

Status Update

Hello, everyone. sm here.

As you might have noticed, we have been like semi-dead over the past couple of months. During this time, we were working on Fantasista Doll, but RL issues cropped up for the Typesetter and we made him take a break. Oh, and since no one applied for replacement TSer (see two posts down), the project became stalled. All we can do, and are doing right now is to wait for him to come back to fansubbing. I guess that explains why no Fantasista Doll releases even when the season is almost over. But no one is to blame for it.

However, we still plan to see this to the end. So if you are:

  • An experienced Typesetter willing to help, please PM sm2345 on Rizon, or send an email to
  • Someone who doesn’t know anything about Typesetting, has aesthetic sense, and is willing to give it a shot, check the guide here: This, in our opinion, is the best guide out there. And if you feel you like it, and can help us out, please send an email to, or if you have an IRC nick, poke sm2345 on

Now, for the Leviathan Specials. There are something which many of you are looking forward to. Now, the translator for Leviathan is taking a break. Now, we might get moving with them soon. We are in the process of acquiring raws, cos *cough cough* taking unofficial breaks from fansubbing has its minuses *cough cough*. That resulted in us not having the raws for it, among other things. So, if any of you have the raws, be it for the whole episodes, or the Specials only, or in the best case, the tses for the TV Tokyo re-airing that contained the specials, please share so we can work on those. Thank you very much.

Ah, for Fall, we want to do Log Horizon IF:

  1. The stars align
  2. It’s not simulcasted or doesn’t already gets good subs
  3. We can find a backup Typesetter and Translation Checker for this. Why? It has lots of signs and MMO terms which we might need help with.

Oh, and before you ask, it’s not SAO. They shouldn’t be compared. Also, NHK is involved in it. Should be good.

Anyway, that’s all for now I guess. We’ll keep you posted on this post.

And last but not the least, thank you very much for your direct and indirect support. We really appreciate it.

PS. TWGOK is awesome. Higurashi(S1  and S2, yet to see S3) is awesome too.

UPDATE 27th Sep: Thanks to phil and Zdm321, we found a nice set of raws for it. Though the tses would have been best, so if someone has those, please share. But these look usable as well, with some tweaks. Next step: assembling the team! Where art thou, UNKNOWN-san… ;_;

UPDATE 28th Sep: Team assembled. Now processing. But still need a Typesetter for Log Horizon, and if possible, Fantasista Doll… ;_; Where art thou, Typesetter-sans…. ;_;

UPDATE 1st Oct: Working on the specials. But still looking for backup Typesetters… Where art thou, Typesetter-sans… ;_;

UPDATE 5th Oct: Fall: Log Horizon and White Album 2 (joint with our friends at Kaylith). Also Levia Specials and Fantasista Doll.


Emergency Typesetter Recruitment!

Hey there, everyone. I know we’ve been like dead recently. This post is to update you on stuff, and to request help.

First up, Leviathan. It’s at Typesetting and release. But Assasin_Cross is very busy with RL right now, so it’s not out yet. He hopes to release it sometime mid-August though. Our heartfelt thanks to those who are still waiting. And if you feel like complaining about it, please don’t do it in this post. Do so in the Leviathan 12 post.

Now, for Summer. We have started working on Fantasista Doll, which is like a mix of Cardcaptor Sakura, Doraemon with new stuff. We all took a liking to the show despite its so-called derpiness, so we started work on it. However, our TSer for it is on leave due to RL. And due to all our typesetters being busy right now, the whole project is like, stuck.

So, if you are an Aegisub Typesetter and have some experience and would like to help us out and move the project forward, please contact sm2345 on Rizon IRC, and/or email to stating your experience and some sample work. As things stand now, we’re steadily working on other aspects of the release: you can find the latest status to the right side in the status pane.

We’re waiting for you!

Website Moving

We have moved to a new URL.

Our address is now:

I won’t go into all the details, but it’ll suffice to say we lost control over the old website address.  We’ve registered this new URL, and even if the new owner of the domain gets pissed and quits the group, they pledge to hand off the domain to someone still in the group.  We’ll be staying at this new address for a long time, please update your bookmarks.