Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 03-07 [Updated]

Updated to include episode 07

Oyatsu Fansubs is pleased to announce our third project for this season: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. It is a joint project with Anime-Yoshi who approached us for help.

We are planning to release more episodes in the coming weeks. Keep in mind we are considering this an archive release so we are focusing heavily on quality rather than speed. Oyatsu will be providing the foundation (TL and Timing) by redtitan and MarukoM, while AniYoshi will be providing the improvements (TLC, Editing, Typesetting, Encoding, QC).

Be aware that since this is an archive release so we do not have a fixed schedule. This will in no way delay our already existing projects. We look forward to working with AniYoshi over the course of the season.

Additonal information: 720p 10-bit encode. Neutral English. Honorifics when necessary. Hardsubbed TS of signs and songs. Scene timed. No fixed schedule.


Torrent || DDL


Torrent || DDL


Torrent || DDL


Torrent || DDL


Torrent || DDL (Coming Soon)

P.S.: Links to episode 01-02 that AniYoshi initially did solo are available here: 01 (torrent, DDL)  02 (torrent, DDL)

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13 Responses to Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 03-07 [Updated]

  1. MarukoM says:

    If this is your first time playing back 10-bit releases please refer to the guide available here

    If it ends up being tl;dr for you. For Windows users simply install the latest version of CCCP. For Mac users simply install MPlayerX for free from the Mac App Store. Won’t give you the best performance but quickest method for playing back 10-bit.

  2. Sum_of_Thunder says:

    Be aware the hardware requirements of 720p hi10p (a better name since you can’t get 10-bit color from 8-bit raws) are about the same as 1080p 8-bit in my tests and common reports. If you can play 1080p 8-bit without subs lagging or the video and audio falling apart, you’ll be fine. If not, then not. And many Windows notebooks will never play 720p hi10p due to their hardware limitations, unless there is some radical and unlikely software innovation. (Q: Shouldn’t such folk upgrade their hardware? Ans: Shouldn’t anime be available to the widest audience possible? Is that not the thin veneer that justifies fan-subbing?)

    Since the hardware levels are different, why do some groups offer 720p hi10p only and not 720p 8-bit as well? Who knows, but good translations are now routinely muxed onto 8-bit encodes sooner or later, so just wait and watch. It has been common practice for some while that if a release lacks an available option, it’s legitimate to create that option and replace the fansub group’s name on the file with your own, giving credit to the original group on some obscure web page. It would seem in the fansub group’s interest to offer such options themselves to prevent such practices, but if they’re happy fine. Then we’re all happy.

  3. Morphine-X says:

    after actually downloading and watching this release i can only say one thing to the previous poster….

    any of those shady groups or whatever you call ’em… can only hope for a remux at best…
    or a re-encode of this file…

    after seeing eps 1-3 i can see the Typesetting level is several leagues apart from the regular fansubbing on average nowadays… episodes 2-3 are quite exceptional…

    this is what makes this file so appealing… and there is no way those shady groups would be able to even hope to pull out that kind of typesetting…

    every little detail seems well take care of… i will surely archive this… there is no doubt about that… keep up the good job OYATSU… this looks good… i’m glad to see you guys doing this show!

  4. darkHaruhi says:

    Thanks for the release!

  5. miyu-chan says:

    Don’t you want to make the BDs? The first one will be released in about 8-10 days. 🙂

  6. Ryukai says:

    I shall check these out, see how they stack up against Mazui. Any word on Area no Kishi?

  7. Ernest says:

    Yeah what to Area no Kishi? Episode 2 has been out for a while now

  8. porkiewpyne says:

    Hi. Just wanted to thank you guys for the release 🙂 Really appreciate the effort and care in your work.

    A small query here if you don’t mind. Do you guys (with AnimeYoshi) have any plans to release Episode 0 and the Add-On Disc episode along with a v2 batch? A few months back, AY did present interest though there hasn’t been any updates lately. Just wondering and all. 🙂

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