Bang Dream! – 14 OVA

[Oyatsu] Bang Dream! – 14 OVA (1280×720 10bit h264 AAC) [CC0A059C].mkv

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Well, I hope everyone’s doing well. This OVA aired a few weeks ago on TV before its release on the 7th Bluray volume of Bang Dream! and we decided to do it, only because Sayo shows up in the OVA and Sayo is best girl. She is best girl.

That being said, it’s a simple beach episode; however, the dialogue was a bit odd aka fragmented of sorts, but it was quite fun to translate, especially Ako’s Chuunibyou-speak, Sayo’s formal (when I say formal, I mean the kind a flight attendant at a check-in counter at an airport will talk to you with), Yukina’s gal-like way of speaking, Tae’s semi-sarcastic way and lots more. Anyways, the 2D drawings… feel rushed, sorry. The 3D parts look great though. Still, not a bad episode overall.


Translation, Timing: sm2345

Edit: Lann094

Encode: Majin3

Typesetting: iORcHiD

KFX, KTiming: KNoW (iORcHiD’s friend)

QC: Potla, sm2345

Also, for the source, it is a mix of all the TV sources we could get our hands on, including MX, TVA, BS11 and whatnot! Thanks to Majin3 for doing the magic. But there is no 1080p cos the bitrate was not favorable and there was haloing everywhere.

Special thanks to KNoW. I don’t KNoW him, but he volunteered to do the KFX for it and did a great job. Highly appreciated, much thanks!

Moving on, we hope to get some more Luck & Logic out soon!

All right, now that’s done and dusted, let’s talk about Sayo. Do you know why she’s awesome? She does not dere. Just pure tsun. And well, dead serious. Yet clumsy. You should check out the rhythm game. It digs into her personality a lot and is really recommended! Now enjoy some Sayo pics:

She has only one known weakness <3 “Hello. Regardless of what you say, we will do what we have to.”That dead-serious face. <3


Until next time then!

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  1. Marek says:

    Nice to see you still alive!

  2. Aschenberg says:

    nice iORcHiD’s friend

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