Back to normal

So yes, we’ve moved into this site as our new home. Please update your bookmarks.

Now that we’re finally back up and running, let’s talk about our current projects and stuff.

Firstly, Ginga e Kickoff!! 16 Typesetting is done. Expect it to be released this weekend. I’ve been too much busy with rl stuff. So this didn’t get the love it deserves. Sorry about that.

Secondly, for Kokoro Connect, we’re continuing it for now. But I cannot say anything more than that at this point of time, given all that has happened concerning this project.

Thirdly, we’re looking for an experienced editor to join us (you’re right, for Kokoro Connect, and for our future projects as well), so that we can fill up that empty position with someone awesome (hopefully). Please contact sm2345 on Rizon irc, and/or shoot an email to

Fourthly, all of our archive files got deleted last time from our server. We’re working on getting them back, and our archive XDCC Bot should be back up very soon.

We still have a long road ahead of us, but we’ll do our best. See you soon with releases then. 🙂


Assasin_Cross edit: XDCC Bot is up!

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4 Responses to Back to normal

  1. Diego says:


    Very nice news, thank you!!!!

  2. Long John says:

    I think you guys are sexy. <3

  3. Where the fuck are my lolis and shotas playing association football.

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