Area no Kishi – 02

And here it is! Area no Kishi 02. Sorry for taking so long. ZeroYuki, the translator, had guard duty this week on Saturday, and this pushed things back a bit. And please note that once a month, it’ll be delayed to Monday due to him being away for sentry duty.

Are you ready for what’s going to happen in this episode?

We’ve made some adjustments to the OP styles among other things from this ep onwards. Hope you’ll like em. 😀

Without any further ado, here we go:

[Oyatsu] Area no Kishi – 02 [1280×720][10bit] [D0B2639C].mkv

Torrent || DDL || XDCC

v2 Patch

 Torrent || DDL

Enjoy the snack. 😀 Comments, constructive feedback, suggestions etc are welcome.

EDIT: We have released a patch for those who are unhappy about the font for the two scoreboards and one OP line which overlaps into the credits.

Patching Instructions:

1. Extract the .rar and place the original [Oyatsu] Area no Kishi – 02 [1280×720][10bit] [D0B2639C].mkv into the same folder as the xdelta.

2. Remove all the underscores of the original episode title (if there are any) and make sure the title matches the above.

3. Run Episode 02 Patch.bat. The command prompt will appear and if all is successful, it will indicate “Press any key to continue…”. You should be able to see the new [Oyatsu] Area no Kishi – 02v2 [1280×720][10bit] [0D672E76].mkv.

PS.  Please refrain from asking about one project in another project’s release post; we seriously don’t like that. Use the latest post for the corresponding project. And this release is 10-bit, so Windows users must upgrade to the latest CCCP while Linux users should grab the latest mplayer2.

Errata: The sign at the Preview should be “Brother’s Heartbeat” and not “Heartbreak”. The dialogue is correct while the sign is wrong. If you are asking who to blame, you can blame ZeroYuki since apparently he meant Heartbeat but he typed Heartbreak. This could be because he is very heartbroken.

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18 Responses to Area no Kishi – 02

  1. Compy says:

    Thank you for another release. No problem, take your time. Since you’re not going to be doing any v2’s, as I understand, it’s okay as long as everything in the release is at high quality.

  2. Ryukai says:

    Thanks for the release and the explanation. Apologies for asking about it on the other post, I shall refrain from doing that from now on.

  3. Andros0 says:

    “PS. Please refrain from asking about one project in another project’s release post; we seriously don’t like that. Use the latest post for the corresponding project.”
    😀 So very much this ^^

  4. david says:

    danke schoen

  5. Manigold says:

    Thanks for epi 2, If I’m correct about this thumbnail, this ep is tragic =o

  6. asckj1 says:

    Thank you very much for the release 🙂

  7. Siva says:

    I hope I am not the only one who can not use that patch. I tried everything I could but still couldn’t do it. It just say couldn’t find the file name while I have the same file name in the same folder. I never have this problem before.

  8. Compy says:

    At 00:02 “A secondary two student who….”, what?! Shouldn’t it be “A secondary student who….”. Also at “0:08:11.05,0:08:16.43 Because of that, he didn’t get even score a single goal…”, should be ” Because of that, he didn’t even score a single goal…”. And at ” 0:21:42.54,0:21:45.76 Though I’ve said I would fulfil…” should be “Though I’ve said I would fulfill…”.

    • ZeroYuki says:

      00:02 Dialogue clearly says “Chuugaku ninensei [中学二年生]” which means “Secondary two student”.

      00:08 Is our mistake, which we left the “get” inside

      21:42: Fulfil is British english.

      There is only one mistake which is the “get” in the 00:08.

  9. Ice-Man says:

    Thanks, Oyatsu team 🙂

  10. Assasin_Cross says:

    For people that want v2 DDL

  11. sangofe says:

    I hope grade your fansub and puts it up against the CR rip. TBH I’ve been watching the retimed rip because it’s more than watachable to me.

    CR is pretty good with Area no Kishi, but we do it because we like the show. We have made it clear in 01 that our releases are not meant to compete with CR. They have their own style and we have our own.

    If you are using Whiners to make an informed choice of who to go with, I don’t think that’s a good idea. You should be looking at Ji-Hi to compare with your own whether translations/edits are accurate or not. You judge with your own eyes, and not from the views of others.

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