Area no Kishi – 01

[Oyatsu] Area no Kishi – 01 [1280×720][10bit] [8652D215].mkv

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I hope everybody is enjoying the start of the New Year. With the New Year comes the Winter season. There are numerous shows licensed by Crunchyroll this season. But we have decided on Area no Kishi as our first project despite CR simulcasting this one too.

“Area no Kishi” means “Knight of the Area”. It is adapted from an ongoing manga of the same name. This is a sports manga about soccer(football) and may not appeal to many out there. But sm2345 and I have read far enough to judge that the anime has depth. We are prepared to commit our consistency in the long term as this could at least be 4 cours long.

I don’t claim my translations are better than CR. CR has improved and will still be improving. I applaud their efforts to bring anime outside of Japan. However, if we sit still and do nothing, we will become obsolete. So we have went on to pick the show despite some objections from some of our staff.

We aim to offer a fansub alternative compared to the professional style of translations offered by CR.

Lastly, the release is in 10-bit thanks to an encoder who offered to help us encode. He wants to remain anonymous. I’m not sure if there will be a 8-bit release. Anything else is a bonus, so don’t expect too much. To play 10-bit, be sure to update to the latest CCCP.

There won’t be any batch releases for Area no Kishi. So every episode here is our final version. This is in view of the failed attempts to come up with timely batches ever since our first project. As for other projects with the TL not headed by me, batch availability will be subjected to the TL or sm2345.

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47 Responses to Area no Kishi – 01

  1. Usagi says:

    Thank you!

  2. Compy says:

    Thank you so much for picking up this series!!!!!!
    Are you translating this from scratch? Wouldn’t it be better to TLC CR’s script?

  3. nakhart says:

    thanks 🙂 btw, does it have karaoke??

  4. Panaru says:

    Whew, thank god for you guys. I’m glad SOMEONE besides CR is doing this. I honestly don’t mind CR subs, but this is one of the few shows that Commie/Horriblesubs aren’t doing, and the Anime Ultima video encodes kind of suck. I’ll be sticking with you.

  5. Shani-san says:

    I have read somewhere that this anime becomes really sad. Thanks for working on it. If it’s going to be a 4Q anime as you guys are predicting, I am all excited about it! I hope you guys can do it until the end and don’t lose to the length of the series. 🙂

  6. notevenmad says:

    I really don’t get why you (including other fansub groups) don’t focus on older, not subbed shows. We can watch Area no Kishi anyway, and there’s nothing wrong with the CR subs.
    Seems like a waste of time and translating to me.

  7. Sir_Lexa says:


    Thank you for subbing this for us who are “region restricted” on Crunchyroll.
    Kudos to you!

    Archiving your release 🙂

  8. Goku says:

    Thanx Alot
    continue the good job

  9. Ryukai says:

    Ahaha, my favourite group doing the show I was most looking forward to? Must be fate.

  10. Home_Despot says:

    Unusable. A shame, since it should be about the anime. Maybe someone will pick up this translation for a BD one day.

    Interestingly, many of the first adopters of hi10P are now backing off. Underwater (Daiz) is offering 8-bit and hi10P 720p of his latest, and Coalgirls are deciding on a case by case basis, with a number of projects going 8-bit. I expect the eventual consensus will be that Hi10P is nice as an additional offering, but not worth the loss of mainstream viewership by itself.

    Lucky we have Horrible Subs to save the fanbase for the time being.

    (On a different topic, what I miss in commercialized products are the Japanese idioms of older translations. They suggested a different way of viewing the world than what I was used to, and that was one of the things I enjoyed most about anime. But that’s probably just me.)

  11. Exerion says:

    Arigato ^_^

  12. Hackimist says:

    You Guys are Awesome ◕‿‿◕
    , . ,Keep up the good work guys. . .

  13. Wagnario says:

    I have high expectations from this anime and it seems you’re a good group so I’ll be sticking with you. Good luck and thank you in advance!

  14. Beckett says:

    Just want to say, as someone who hates CR with a fiery passion, I appreciate you guys choosing to do this one :).

  15. etherlite says:

    Yay, I was worried no decent group will sub this. Thanks a lot! (and thanks for Mashiro-iro symphony as well :))

    I love oyatsu!

  16. Arc says:

    Really appreciate what your doing despite licensing. Thx for the release

  17. sangofee says:

    Can someone tell me what the difference between 8 and 10 bit is? What takes more CPU power?

  18. kliqIMB says:

    Oh shit, Maruko, you lovable faggot. I was about to try and sub this myself. Fuck yeah soccer anime.

    • MarukoM says:

      Quit trying to have a real life and fucking think of another mmoprg we can get addicted to. We may no longer work together but I still want an excuse to keep up with your ForeverAlone ass

      • kliqIMB says:

        Dude, I’ve been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic like nobody’s business. Shit is amazing. It’s like copy pasta’d WoW but with actual story line. Get on that shit pronto.

      • kliqIMB says:

        Lulwut? Does this thing have a fucking auto-censor filter for profanity? Or did my other post just not post. Either way, get fucking SWToR nao.

      • MarukoM says:

        Four days later…

        Can’t I just torrent that shit? Ah fuck but online verification whatever

    • sangofe says:

      Hey, do you speak Japanese and like sports anime :o? If so, Saizen would most certainly have a position for you 😛

    • sangofe says:

      @kliqIMB: Well, it’d be cool if ya wanted to help qc or edit one of our shows (especially ashita no Joe and Captain Tsubasa road to 2002) so they get unstalled 🙂

  19. qaz says:

    Finally Oyatsu switching to hi10p. You were the only group I watched previous season that was stuck at 8 bit. Of course 10 bit encode is not silver bullet for everything, but it allows for a bit smaller filesizes with the same quality what is always welcomed.

  20. IppoMK says:

    vlw pelo Episódio Oyatsu Fansub. 🙂 iI’m from Brazil thanks pelo karaoke contiuen com esse ótimo trabalho quem vc’s(you guys) fazem thank you. 😀

  21. HanoFist says:

    Is there any hope of your finding a video source without the clock in the upper left on future eps? Or would it be sacrificing video quality on the rest of the image? Either way, thank you for the release.

  22. Manigold says:

    Hey, thanks for this series!

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