Oyatsu (おやつ)” basically means an afternoon snack. We like anime as much as snacks, and would love to share the joy. We are just a small humble fansub group who loves anime.

We were founded on 1st July, 2011.

Our philosophy in fansubbing is to have fun in the process, and share the enjoyment through our work with you. We do not fansub to compete with others, or to be embroiled in needless drama.

Contact us at oyatsufs@gmail.com or PM any of our staff, preferably our founder sm2345 on our IRC chan #oyatsu@irc.rizon.net.

Active Staff:

sm2345 (Founder/Timer/KTimer/TL/QC)

Majin3 (Encoder): Fantastic Encoder and always on time

Lann094 (Editor): Consistent Editor and seemingly the only one

Potla(Mascot/QC): Cool-headed

Yogicat(Timer/Stylist/TS): Very cool guy

Inactive Staff:

FAbian101 (K-Timer): Delivers on time

Zehro(QC): On time. A bit formal than most others

ZeroYuki  (TL): First TL. Retired.

Redtitan (TL): Consistent TL, currently busy with RL

Cloud668/Kuzu/Rikka (TLC): Brilliant TLC

Layton (TS): Fastest and most on time typesetter

Timescar (TS): Like all TS, has exceptional skills

Black_Demon (TS): Awesome TS

Lazy-kun (Timer): Training timer

Ryun (TS): German TS

Sleepsub (TS): God sent TS

Archdeco (Timer): Most consistent timer

Crust (Timer): MIA

DanielBryan (Editor): MIA

Assasin_Cross (TS): Superb TS but slow and thus tough to expect him on time

All unmentioned staff are either inactive or without much of a presence, most likely because they either don’t show up, or they don’t do anything.

10 Responses to About

  1. edbert says:

    Excuse me would you mine if you help me please ?

    would you subbing this anime please ?

    let’s & go MAX : http://forum.indowebster.com//showthread.php?t=225361

    let’s & go special movie : http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=eHPu5ZpM

    let’s & go WGP the movie : http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/movies-ovas-18/400p-%5Bsaiei%5D-bakusou-kyoudai-lets-go-wgp-bousou-mini-yonku-daitsuiseki-%5Braw%5D-18657/

    I’m begging on you thank you very much

  2. wat says:

    When was your group formed?

  3. Hijirin says:

    Any chance you could release the subtitle script (like .ass or .srt) alone without the need of downloading the whole video as an option? I already downloaded a small-sized-hd-encoded-anime (I have limited bandwidth T.T) but they always come with HS subs and I really want to use yours…

  4. budyanto says:

    hey, oyatsu, I just wondering, will you subbing Tamayura: Sotsugyou Shashin part 1 trough part 4?

  5. rascal says:

    Thanks God, there are groups like this one.
    I’m sick of that all localised trash nowadays.
    Keep doing great work for a people with brain/thinking turned on.
    Thank you.

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