About the two Winter shows

First off, Haganai S2. We with the folks at AniYoshi are currently debating on some things in Haganai. We might end up doing Blurays for it only, as an archive version. We’ll keep you posted on this matter, so please bear with us.

Second off, Da Capo III.

First up, we’ve decided to wait one day and use the BS11 airing for our release, in our endeavour to provide you the best we can give. So, expected release of the episodes would be Monday evening UTC.

Secondly, episode 1 will get a pre-air on Niconico on the 2nd January. It’s not yet finalized, but I think we’ll do it. It’ll be a v0 with a low-quality raw though.

This post is mainly to inform you what you can expect from us next season, and when.

And last but not the least, Ginga e Kickoff!! will continue as usual. About 7 episodes remain to air, and 9 episodes to be subbed. Please keep a lookout on our Status widget on the right for the latest updates.

Thanks, and see you soon with more releases. 😉

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