A Translator’s Note About Area no Kishi and Crunchyroll

Now that Oyatsu have dropped Area no Kishi, I thought I (as Translator of our two releases this season) would say something about the other alternative for this show, that being HorribleSubs (or rather, just the Crunchyroll translation in general and any group who chooses to use it). Ideally, this would have gone in the previous post about us dropping the show, but unfortunately, it did not.

First point. Crunchyroll hasn’t done too bad of a job with this show. I know some of you out there simply cannot abide their translations, or perhaps their work ethic in general, or perhaps how they “displace” fansubbers, but the fact is, they generally know what they’re doing and you could do a lot worse (indeed, some fansub groups do, not mentioning any names).

Second point. The only major quibbles I have with Crunchyroll’s release are the Western name order (<given name> <family name>) and their inconsistent use of honorific suffixes. That’s it. Those things aside (and indeed, a lot of people won’t find them to be issues at all), it’s a perfectly watchable release and as a bonus, it doesn’t have the television station’s timestamp in the top corner.

My third and final point today. While this series generally has a reasonable amount of onscreen text to translate, in the end a lot of it is not of very high relevance to the plot and simply serves to make the Typesetter’s job harder for no real gain to the viewing experience. Therefore, even if Crunchyroll’s release isn’t so much into typesetting all the various bits of onscreen text, it still doesn’t detract from the overall viewing experience.

So to sum up, Crunchyroll and all its ripping groups are perfectly acceptable alternatives now that our Area no Kishi releases will be ceasing.

Hope all of you Oyatsu followers out there will enjoy the snacks we will be bringing you in future!

Shoujo Q
Translator for Oyatsu Fansubs

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19 Responses to A Translator’s Note About Area no Kishi and Crunchyroll

  1. AoK says:

    are you still doing ep 6 though

  2. Tomi89 says:

    Can we know when the sixth episode will be released?

  3. Merushi says:

    Thanks. I’m gonna wait another 2 weeks though. You never know another group picks up where you left. If that’s not the case I’ll go with Horrible. That’s the second time I’m forced to watch them (first being SKET Dance).

    • himeachan says:

      If you ask me, Area no kishi is extremely easy to translate. The character generally speak loudly, slowly and clearly. The language is very simple.

      For an official sub (they even have the script before them!) even the slightest mistake is absolutely unforgivable in that kind of show.

      CR most certainly utilizes one of their incompetent translators for AnK
      (Nisemonogatari is pretty difficult to TL, yet they do good)
      Why? Reference and nuance errors all over the pace. Heck, they even translated “Oniichan” with “Brother” when some random child spoke to Kakeru.

      To me it looks like the translator takes the script and translates the show without even watching the anime, consequently having no clue what is going on, resulting in context errors.

      But yeah, it’s “acceptabel”, meaning you will understand what’s going on. There were a lot worse CR translations in the past (some Gosick ep’s made me literally shiver)

      • Shoujo Q says:

        This is all generally true, but there are some technical terms being used by the characters that would be a little difficult to those who didn’t either already know them, or do the research.
        For example, when Seven and the doctor were talking about Kakeru’s heart transplant, or the soccer technical terms that fly around (like ‘fantasista’).

  4. himeachan says:

    As I said, the problem is that CR’s translator probably doesn’t watch the show (or even anime at all). Technical terms shouldn’t be that much of a problem since it’s mostly likely a native speaker. The only difficulty that remains are the soccer terms, which are easy enough to figure out since they are english terms and usually official scripts have comment columns with a short exp. for foreign terms.

    So they basically deliver a very literal, cold translation.

    • Shoujo Q says:

      Actually, the two soccer technical terms I’ve seen used in Area no Kishi that come to mind first were both Italian; one is “fantasista”, used to refer to a striker and the other was the name of a particular defensive strategy (the exact word fails to come to mind, but it is Italian nonetheless).

      But yes, there is a vague lack of attachment on the part of the translator… I still don’t think it detracts too much from the viewing experience unless you’re able to understand the Japanese dialogue; at which point you probably shouldn’t be relying on subtitles anyway.

  5. Papa woot says:

    Either way. Thank you for trying your best until now with Area no Kishi. And no matter what happens you guys will ALWAYS be the best. I can’t wait for the new Papa episode coming this Friday xD

  6. himeachan says:

    Yep, true enough. But you get the general of the idea of what I’m saying, r8? It’s the same with lyrics & visual novels. Japanese requires you to include more or less subjective interpreations when translating to convey the meaning of what’s said in the source language. There are even instances were literal translations convey a different meaning, in which case the translator failed in his job. That is the case with more than 50% of japanese lyrics, literal translations are crap and yet you find them all over the net…

    Of course in this case the average audience wont have that much of a diminished experience, but it still subconsciously adds up resulting in a slightly different opinion of the show overall.

    • Shoujo Q says:

      Of course I understand, but you could do much worse than a literal translation that misses some elements of subtle nuance… you could have a REAL Blind Idiot Translation.

      Yes, I’m looking at you, SubDESU/Hadena/Fast-Sub.

  7. Monad says:

    Horrible subs ain’t doing it. Couldn’t find any of them. CR is only streaming and not from where i am from. So yeah thanks, without you guys am f%$#.
    I don’t get why keep doing shows others are doing also and drop the show that you where the only ones. It’s irritating.

  8. lieila says:

    Aw, I was waiting your release via Tokyo Toshokan in my reader and it seems there’s no release so I check your site for the status. This is sad to know you ceased after episode 6. Man, there’s no more quality sub out there. Though I am not a sports guru, the right terms/technical terms do matter to me. Anyway, hope to watch one of your projects in the future. So far this is the series that I follow with your sub.

  9. Nebi says:

    I really like the Area no Kishi Opening 1 – Higher Ground. Its seriously an amazing opening to an anime.

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