I have been so busy with school now that I am into my final few years. It is really hard to believe that just a few years ago, I was busy spending my life all day on anime and worst, trying to translate it for people who do not give a damn. Actually, that might be slightly unfair to generalize all the fans as people who do not care. I guess the fans these days do not appreciate, but a few years ago, there were fans that actually faithfully waited for fansubs, only to be let down again and again by groups like us. That was when they decided to give up on fansubs altogether. Nostalgic times…

I am not even sure I am posting on the blog these days. I do not think anybody actually cares about what I post, but I was feeling nostalgic and slightly lonely after some dreadful revision for my finals, so I decided to just write out some stuff. Apparently, writing is therapeutic because it helps in introspection and reflection. I also realized that because I have not been writing for a long time, as I no longer fansub now, my command of English is inferior to how it was before. So ironically, while I think fansubbing probably robbed me of the best years of my life, it still benefited me. It improved my English language as well as my Japanese.

Anyway, I have always touted Fall anime season to be where rare gems of good anime can still be found. It seems like the Fall selection has been deteriorating as with all the anime in recent years. But I did watch a few episodes here and there, and if you have followed some of the kinds of anime I have translated in the past, you would be familiar with the kinds of anime I look for. If you still have faith in my selection, I shall offer a few titles that I believe are worth your time watching, if you are finding it tough to decide, given the number of disposable anime these days. Rakudai Kishi is a great show using a classic tsundere. I thought I would never see this kind of anime again because it is deemed as cliche, but I guess like trends, what comes around goes around, and what was in vogue will come back to be in vogue again. Besides tsundere, Rakudai Kishi is directed by Shin Onuma, who usually emphasizes the deeper aspects of anime. So if you are like me, into deeper and emotional stuff, Rakudai is a good anime to watch. Shin Onuma was the director of Ef A Tale of Memories, an anime that still ranks on my all time favorites. It aired back in 2007, almost 8 years ago… Guess I am getting old…. The second recommendation I am going to make is Iron Blooded Orphans. This is one of the better Gundam anime since Gundam 00. What is even better is that you do not have to be a Gundam geek to be able to bask in the hype of this anime. It quite easy to relate to, given that Mari Okada is helming the scripts.

Well, I have said my piece, and it feels good writing after a long time. Here is hopingĀ anime gets better!

TL;DR: Rakudai Kishi and G-Tekketsu are the better few anime this season which I feel are worth watching.

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3 Responses to Autumn

  1. powerlessbump says:

    Hey, progressing in school is great news. See the light at the end of the tunnel really makes all the work you’ve put in seem like it was worth it. Well at least that’s how I’m feeling as a returning student also seeing a glimpse at the end.

    G-Tekketsu is amazing, I haven’t been excited to watch a show for such a long time. I manage to fit it in before I start an early shift at my job, I can even fit in a rewatch if it’s a particular good ep.

    Rakudai Kishi is the better of the 3 magical battle anime this season and the only reason I think it’s weak is because it’s airing along side the other two.

    I know you don’t care about my comment, but your taste is decent and at least one person is waiting for Denpa Kyoushi. Also it’s good to see at least one of us has begun to move on.

  2. Riho says:

    Well, good to see this post, i don’t know, but i’ll be here waiting for your releases again

  3. Toad Sage says:

    You are “Never” to old for anime. Gaps & time away means more surprises and the enjoyment of knew “Archival” finds. That`s why an Otaku such as myself scout the links to find the posters of the posted. To find the “Old School Classics “lost ^ forgotten” brought forth. Additionally the the Full-package fan-sub service to otherwise mediocre disc releases is the differentiation of the Leech vs.Otaku. Enjoy your school time with studies. Good luck

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